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I’m Taylor Kemp, a Connecticut-based photographer specializing in weddings, sports and portraits. Photography became my passion in high school and grabbed me with a singular and dedicated focus. I was always considered unusually observant, noticing details that most people didn’t detect. A camera made its way into my hands and I was hooked. Off to the Hallmark Institute of Photography I went, to learn from some of the best photographers in the region and hone my skills as a professional photographer. Since graduating in 2011, I have shot for top brands such as Lego, and have covered the PGA tour, among other assignments. When I’m not behind the lens, you can find me hiking with my dog, hitting the links, and snowboarding or doing a little motocross to satisfy the thrill-seeker in me! My favorite kind of evening is sampling aged whiskey along with a good meal with friends. It’s the simple things that make my life rewarding. 


My Mission

 I see my role as one of capturing life’s beautiful and thrilling moments, in a unique and visually interesting way, the way I see life. That first look when a groom sees his bride, the perfect tackle, the moments that happen after the play is made.  Through sports photography, I have learned how to position myself at the right place, at the right time to get a peak action shot that is truly an unforgettable, one-of-a kind moment. This informs my approach to wedding photography, where reactions and expressions of feelings can pass in the blink of an eye, and anticipating those moments helps me get these memorable shots. 

Documenting your story through my camera is an honor. For my wedding couples, my ultimate goal is to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy your magical day, with the confidence that you’ll come away with an end product that captures the romance, your bond, and reconnects you to all of the wonderful memories of your wedding. 


How do we know we’ll click?           

My clients describe me as warm, inviting, humorous, professional, a problem-solver, and having the ability to put people at ease and have fun!  I’ll always be where the action is, to capture the best of my subject matter. I am also skilled at blending into the crowd to get those sideline and crowd shots. For my wedding couples, know that I shoot you and your guests in their best light without being obtrusive. I’ll coax relaxed smiles and natural poses. I will also compose and direct when needed so that I’m photographing you in the best natural light possible, but also know when to step back and let those authentic moments occur naturally, and you won’t even realize the shutter is going off. 

If I seem like the kind of person you’d like to work with, let’s meet so you can share your vision with me, I can show you examples of my work, ask questions and answer yours.  What I create is very meaningful to me, and I want the end product to be even more so to you, so let’s see if we click! 


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Taylor Kemp

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